Saturday, May 31, 2008

Astonishing Obama Video: “I Will Slow Development of Future Combat Systems”

In Video Statement, Senator Obama Inexplicably Pledges to Unilaterally Jeopardize American Military Superiority

When you find yourself in a hole, just keep digging. That appears to be the logic of Senator Barack Obama, who already finds himself in the proverbial hole on defense and national security issues. At this pace, he’ll reach China by November. In a strange video address intended to somehow reassure American voters regarding his military bona fides, Senator Obama ends up doing just the opposite.

Among other things, he promises to cut “tens of billions of dollars” from the military budget, at a time when our armed forces are already stretched and in need of new weapon technologies and armor; to “cut investments in unproven missile defense systems,” which in reality have already proven remarkably effective; that he “will not weaponize space” even though other nations such as China do exactly that; to terminate the Iraq war just as the surge proves itself remarkably successful; and he rails against what he calls “unnecessary” military spending. He concludes by promising to remove our inter-continental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) from what he calls a “hair-trigger alert,” embarrassing himself via his ignorance regarding our deliberate targeting and launch protocol.

Most alarmingly, however, Senator Obama literally promises to “slow development of future combat systems.” Think about the frightening implications of this pledge for a moment. Future combat systems are the cornerstone of American military modernization and superiority. As America fights the war on terror and deters potential military aggression by rogue nations cross the world, advanced combat systems provide us with better equipment, unmatched situational awareness and communication systems that result in American battlefield domination. Other ascendant nations such as China and Russia seek to match our prowess, but we continue to outpace them.

Current examples include constantly-evolving satellite technology that allows us to pinpoint and eliminate the enemy, unmanned drones that promise amazing advances in battlefield safety and effectiveness, bunker-buster weapons that penetrate deep into the caves in which remote terrorists hide and communications systems that allow lightning-quick troop deployment and rescue missions. Not only do these cutting-edge combat systems allow us to prevail against our enemies, they ultimately protect the lives and health of our troops, just as they protect us. Despite this, Senator Obama bizarrely pledges to jeopardize our battlefield superiority.

Imagine previous Presidents pledging, as Senator Obama foolishly does, to “slow development of future combat systems.” No more stealth aircraft, which allowed our pilots to penetrate Saddam Hussein’s complex air defense systems with near-impunity. No more precision-guided weaponry, which provide extreme precision and greatly reduce harm to non-combatants. No more Strategic Defense Initiative, which forced Mikhail Gorbachev’s negotiating hand and helped end the Cold War. None of the advanced naval systems that have allowed America’s navy to rule the seas for decades. No P-51 Mustangs or B-29 Superfortresses, which resulted in American air superiority that crippled Germany and Japan during World War II. The examples are endless.

In what realm does Senator Obama’s ideology dwell, that he would expect his promises to somehow endear him to American swing voters? What makes Senator Obama’s statement most perplexing is the fact that he already faces an uphill battle to convince American voters that he won’t be the second coming of Jimmy Carter in undermining our military forces. It also follows a series of embarrassing gaffes, which undermine Americans’ faith in his ability and commitment to protect the country and our military superiority.

For instance, he promises to meet the leader of Iran, which provides weapons that kill American troops, without preconditions. He extends that same promise of unconditional meetings to North Korea, Cuba, Syria and Venezuela as well, yet rebuffs Colombia, which is a critical ally fighting narco-terrorists.

Senator Obama’s statement also follows such eyebrow-raising fiascos as his twenty-year relationship with America-damning Reverend Jeremiah Wright, his association with anti-American domestic terrorist William Ayers and his offensive flag pin comments. Readers will recall that Senator Obama refused in October 2007 to wear an American flag lapel pin because he considered it “a substitute for, I think, true patriotism, which is speaking out on issues.” Asked to explain, his staff replied that “Senator Obama believes that being a patriot is about more than a symbol.” Just like that, he thus dismissed reverence to the American flag, to which children pledge allegiance in school, and which draws tears from veterans and everyday citizens during memorial events and sporting events.

Once again, Senator Obama has raised questions about his commitment to defend America and maintain military superiority. Stay tuned to see how he might top this.


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